Alexandra (dcherrycoke) wrote in issaquah,

Student and Youth Activist Conference

Several local organizations, including clubs from Seattle University and Seattle Central Community College, Action Northwest, USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops) and SEAC (Student Environmental Action Coalition) are organizing a Student and Youth Activist Conference the weekend of January 20-22 on the Seattle University campus.

We are in need of two things: One: We would like a band to play a short concert as an event for the conference. Is anyone here in a band, or have contacts with a band, that would be interested in playing?

Two: We need educated people willing to be speakers and panalists. Having a degree in or being associated with a group that deals with the topic on which you would like to speak is manditory. The conference is focused on "environmentalism and social justice", which basically covers anything activist-related.

If you are able and willing to help, either in these two ways or just as an interested citizen willing to advertise (we are also in need of "contacts" from other schools, such as UW, PLU, and SPU), please email
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I'm in the IHS Band
actually that probably won't go too well